Thursday, 21 April 2016

New workshop just added Print, Pattern and Stamp Making workshop

Sat 5th November
10 - 1
Tutor is Holly Mure

Print making is fun for any age and ability.By making your own stamps you can choose your own theme, create as little or many as you like, be creative by making your own stamps and at low cost. You can be resourceful with the things around you! Plus, you can keep using them again and again.The exciting thing about printing is the reveal! Once you’ve coloured up a design, you’re never totally sure how it will look and also every print can look different. This depends on how you apply ink, what you print onto, the colours chosen and how much pressure you add when pushing down onto the print.Learn all these things and enjoy the art of printmaking.
For a fun day of crafting and experimenting with homemade printing methods, it’s worth joining in!

Artisan Studio1005 Wimborne Rd Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2BSOpposite the Holly Tree Pub - please come down our slope.

Please contact Artisan for more info and to book your place. M: 07729 829 209 ~ before 10 and after 4pm please.E:


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