Saturday, 26 December 2015

Hand made books

Just researching hand made books as I want to teach a few easy versions on the next cruise and found this beautiful website with a huge range of hand made books with instructions on how to make them!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Artisan Studio is officially now a Registered Company - the first stage in becoming CIC - a not for profit organisation/social enterprise!! 
We are doing this so we can accept the large donations of money that are being offered Artisan and it will us greater security/longevity. It fits very well with our way of working and our aims and objectives.
We will move to become a full charity later.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

Last day at the studio today so 
A Merry and Relaxing Christmas Everyone 
and hope to see you all again in 2016.
There are lots of new courses coming up in 2016 and I will be adding more courses and workshops to next year's timetable over Christmas.

Please see our calendar page to view our 2016 courses.

I would prefer to be contacted by email rather than phone over the next 2 weeks please artisanstudio1@gmail.

All abilities are welcome at Artisan Studio.

Have a great Christmas!!

A big thank you to all tutors and customers for your support in 2015!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New Course for 2016 - textile based - looks good!

Creative hand-stitched ‘Scapes’
Starting on Sept 18th 2016 
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
You can choose  one or two or do them all!

A series of monthly workshops, each one concentrating on a distinctive theme.  

The course is designed to encourage experimentation and the creative use of stitch.
Each session is a stand-alone, hands-on, practical workshop.  
However, anyone able to attend all the sessions will experience the use of hand-stitched embroidery to express their ideas along with a variety of techniques such as embellishing, piecing and layering, fraying, appliqué, bonding, colouring and beading where appropriate.

The workshops are aimed at people who already have a knowledge of basic hand stitches – running, buttonhole, chain, French knots and herringbone and are keen to explore creative textile-making.

Participants are asked to bring in photographs, postcards, sketches or magazine pictures of ‘scapes’ that they have had a positive response to and find interesting.  

Inspiration can also be found in artists’ work, such as Constable’s and Van Gogh’s skies, Turner’s marine scenes and Hockney’s landscapes.These will be used in the workshops as starting points for the themed projects.  So it is essential that participants bring in their own inspirational materials as each person’s response is highly individualistic. 

The course will also include the elements and principles of design and drawing but  please don't panic about this  - you do not have to be good at drawing!!

A wide range of fabrics and threads will be available for each session.

The tutor, Liz Thomas, is an experienced teacher, textile artist and is passionate about embroidery.  She has a BA Hons in Textiles/ Fashion, specialising in Embroidery, studying under Constance Howard and Christine Risley.

September 18th , 2016 
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
Flowers and foliage in gardens remain a favourite theme for embroiderers, both in formal and informal settings.

October 23rd , 2016
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
These give embroiderers the chance to observe and celebrate the glorious colours and atmosphere of this season.

November 20th, 2016
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
The shoreline, surf, waves, rocks and storms offer numerous possibilities of textures and rhythms in hand-stitching.

January 15th , 2017
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
These are influenced by weather and the actions of farmers or nature, making them inspirational for embroidery, abstracted or literal.

February 19th, 2017
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
Skies are extremely varied – weather conditions, time of day and location can give a lifetime’s study of design and colour.

March 19th, 2017
Sundays from 10 - 4 pm, 
£42 per workshop
The bark and shapes of tree in location and time of year are great sources of inspiration for textile artists, including texture and colour possibilities, such as a favourite bluebell wood.