Saturday, 19 September 2015

Picture framing course

Artisan are considering running a picture framing course in the Spring and wondered what the interest would be?

It would be a two x 5 hour day course, so 10 hours in total.
We can either do this over a whole weekend or two Sundays.

Please can you let me know your preferences?

The course is aimed at artists who want to learn to do their own framing. It saves you money and you get exactly what you want!

Topics covered include: 

  • Introduction to framing, 
  • anatomy of a picture frame,
  • design, balance and colour fundamentals,
  • measuring cutting and joining mouldings, 
  • measuring and cutting bevel edge mounts, 
  • glass cutting and cleaning,
  • fitting procedure, 
  • cutting backboards, 
  • picture hanging procedure, 
  • hand finishes:staining and painting.
  • All types of original art (drawings,watercolour, oils, acrylic, etc. etc.)
  • Photographs, photo collage's, prints, limited edition prints, posters, maps, certificates,
  • Cross-stitch, samplers and all other types of needlework.
  • Sports shirts, medals and any & all types of 3D objects

The tutor Colin Macintyre specialises in making frames made from native British hardwoods, including oak, produced from sustainably managed woodland, many of which are milled and machined by himself, which together with a wide variety of materials from other suppliers offers you the best choice for all your framing needs.

Learning to frame is suitable for:


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