Monday, 6 July 2015

Ceramic Studio

I hope you can help us in a search for premises for a new community ceramic studio.

10 months ago my partner Tim Russell received £9k Grants For Arts funding from Arts Council England to open a community ceramic studio in Bournemouth.
We wanted to use an empty room in the building where Artisan Community Art Studio is based at First Point Plus at 1005 Wimborne Rd, Moordown.
Sadly, after 10 months of negotiations with Bournemouth Borough Council the lease has not been granted  and the ceramic studio can't begin. 
We are back to where we started and have wasted 10 months!
So we are looking for a home for it.
The project will be managed by Tim Russell, BA Fine Arts and a background in working with mental health. Two other highly skilled and experienced Ceramic teachers will be working there - Imogen Charleston and Christine Banfield.
It will be run on the same model as Artisan Studio - working with disability groups during the week and public sessions in the evenings and weekends. There will be a membership scheme whereby ceramic artists can use the studio for a certain numbers of hours per week and people can just buy kiln time. We will be working with home educating families too.
It will be set up as a sustainable working model which will require no further funding but will be viable long term.
It will bring great benefits to the community of Bournemouth and there is no other ceramic studio like this in the area.
The Arts Council have kindly given us an extension on the project but we need to have it up and running by the end of August otherwise we might have to return the funding.
Please can you help us find a home for this very worthwhile project?
Please contact Pauline Stanley on 07729 829 209

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