Thursday, 14 May 2015

3 Embroidery workshops - learn lots of new skills!!

May 17th  Sunday

Embroidery workshop 4/6:colour in embroidery.
Jacobean work: using colours in tonal shades. Dates back to the 17th Century Stuarts.
Crewel work
Tutor is Liz Thomas
£20 per session

One of the earliest forms of surface stitching, crewelwork uses a range of stitches and elements of shading using crewel wool on linen. 
Jacobean-style designs, developed in the 17th century were influenced by exotic flora and fauna found on imported Indian chintz's.  
English embroiderers added insects and quirky animals to the traditional Tree of Life foliage designs. 
Using two main colours in tonal shades Jacobean embroidery has been popular for centuries but crewelwork stitches also work well with contemporary designs.

Introducing a range of stitches and an element of shading, crewelwork is an ideal technique for beginners new to embroidery.  

June 14th: Sunday
Embroidery workshop 5/6 :colour in embroidery.
Appliqué work: Dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and the Crusades.
Tutor is Liz Thomas
£20 per session

Participants in the workshop will be making a Mola , a form of applique from the San Blas islands in Panama.  Molas are a 'waste-no-fabric' method of applique using layers of material. All three ways of making applique will be utilised: overlay (or traditional) applique; reverse applique, where lower layers of coloured material are exposed; inlay applique, where small pieces of coloured material are inserted under the top layer and then exposed.

July 19th Sunday
Embroidery workshop 6/6 :texture in embroidery.
Mountmellick work: a form of white work dating  from the Irish potato famine.
Tutor is Liz Thomas
£20 per session
Mountmellick white work was introduced around 1830 to Ireland as a cottage industry to help women earn money during the devastating potato famine.  Worked white on white , it is a heavily textured hand-stitchery technique that displays naturalistic designs in relief. Last workshop in a series of six, which will be repeated from September 2015 as all-day sessions.

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