Monday, 16 February 2015

Creative Painting Workshops - new dates!

21st March Saturday
Creative Painting Workshops
3 Hours to let go, explore and discover!
Tutor is Natasha Lamont

June 14th   Sunday 10-1pm   £35
July 12th    Sunday 10-1pm   £35
Aug 30th    Sunday 10-1pm   £35
Sept 20th   Sunday 10-1pm   £35
Oct 18th     Sunday 10-1pm   £35

Nov 15th    Sunday 10-1pm   £35

Natasha supplies all materials including a large canvas and refreshments. There is the option of £30 if you bring your own canvas, board or thick paper to paint on.  

"There are many workshops that teach you skills and technique, my workshops are not one of them. I am passionate about helping people find their creative style, this happens through being open to letting go and of having to do it right and get it perfect. I take you on a journey to meet your creative self and discover many things on the way.

A time for you to tap into your creative energy and nourish your heart and soul! Great if you are feeling a bit blocked in your life either creatively or generally or you just fancy trying something different!"

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