Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Art History courses starting Feb 5th 2015

Thursdays 7- 9pm
Starting Feb 5th 
£60 per 6 week course
10 places 
Tutor is Lucy Shearman  
BA (Hons) Illustration

These art workshops will be run by a Arts University Bournemouth Illustration graduate. 
She has a large portfolio of work online and a strong interest in art history, hosting many workshops over the last year. 

Course Overview 

The Art History course is a fun and exciting series of educational and practical courses for everyone to enjoy, whether you were born with art in your veins or have never picked up a paintbrush before!

Each session will teach about a major art movement. We will study the history, the  techniques and mediums used and discuss several example pieces from each movement. We also finish each workshop with a drawing session. You may chose to create an image heavily using the style of the movement or develop your own style maybe with a few hints of what weve looked at. Either way the story of art and the battle of many suppressed artists trying to make an impression on the world is a fascinating one. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a practical artist this course will be fun, informative and hopefully you will leave feeling inspired by the stories of artists been and gone.

Sessions begin at 7pm and run till 9pm. Please arrive promptly as we will be ready to start at 7. If you need time at the beginning to get ready please arrive earlier. Each session will have a designated 15 minute break. These workshops are designed to follow on from the last, so weekly attendance is ideal. If you cannot make a session please ring ahead. The workshops have been divided into two batches of six sessions. The first batch will begin on February 5th 2015 and run through until March 12th 2015.

 On the completion of this course we will discuss how it went and what we can do to improve the workshops for you!

Art History: Part I
Art History: Part II
Folk/Outsider art
Art Deco
Art Nouveau
Post Modernism
POP art

Artisan Studios:
1005 Wimborne Rd Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2BS 
Opp the Holly Tree Pub - please come down our slope.

Please phone Artisan for more info and to book your place. 
Pauline 07729 829 209

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