Saturday, 22 November 2014

Felt slipper workshop 6th Dec

Hello everyone,

I have 4 people booked on this workshop and could have room for two more. You need to have some experience of felting to do this workshop.

10 - 4pm £35 + materials

Just thinking/planning ahead for felt slippers and want to ensure you have the fleece you need. 

images found on Pinterest - maker unknown

images found on Pinterest - maker unknown

  • have you got your own fleece for this? 
  • you need a strong, hard wool roving like  Icelandic, Norwegian, Jacobs, Hebridean, Shetland, Dorset Horn (not Dorset Down -too soft)
  • i have some  dark brown Hebridean, mid brown Jacobs, white Icelandic, no greys of any sort and my usual box or merino colours.
  • Merino is too soft and won’t wear well on the feet  - will fall apart and wear thin very quickly
  • we can use some coloured Merino for the lining - so you have a really bright colour inside if you want  it - you would need enough for two layers of this around a resist so a good amount of one colour
  • So if you need what i haven’t got and you want specific colours  for your merino lining please can you get in touch and we can do a group order and share postage.
  • Please have a look at the website i order from and see the options - you are welcome to order independently but you would bare the full brunt  of your postage.
  • I estimate that we would need about 250 gms in total of a pair of slippers for a woman more if you want to make a larger pair for a male or want them to go a long way up your leg  or want a turn over at the calf
  • any questions please get in touch. I will send the order off later this week so would like to hear from you by Wed if you want to be included in the order please.
  • Please have a look at wet felted slippers on Pinterest for inspiration and bring in any images you want to work to so i can help you achieve your ideas please.
  • Keep an eye out for leather (or alternative) for your soles - Scrapstore is good. We won’t get time to add these as the slippers will be wet but I can show you how to cut and put a sole on. You need a leather sole, if you have wooden floors in your house, to stop you slipping 
  • some suggestions for fleece below

Icelandic Pack per 250g 
code: IP1 
Contains 50g of each of our Icelandic natural shades (White, Black, Dark Grey, Medium Grey and Brown) £6.00

Shetland Pack per 200g 
code: SP1 
Contains 50g of each of our Shetland natural shades (White, Black, Grey and Moorit (tan))  £5

Finnish Pack per 200g 
code: FP1 

Contains 50g of each of our Finnish natural shades (White, Brown, Black and Grey) £4. 25

Pauline 07729 829 209

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