Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Creative Strategies

Just found a really useful list of creative strategies to use for art making... thought I would share it.
Rough to smooth,
Smooth to textured,
Opaque to clear,
Straight to curved,
Dark to light,
Circular to elliptical,
Mono to colour,
Big to small,
Metal to glass,
Reflective to matt,
Single too many,
Segmented to whole,
Slim to fat,
Static to moving,
Welded to riveted,
Solid to hollow,
Soft to hard,
Etched to glazed,
Hammered to rolled,
Embossed to scratched,
Made to found objects,
One material to mixed materials,
Pressed to crumpled,
Layered to separated,
Polished to painted,
3D to 2D,

Turn upside down,
Thin to thick,
Sinking to floating,
Drawn to painted,
Wet to dry,
Cut to torn,
Heavy to light,
Stable to unstable,
High to low,
Strong to weak,
Pliable to rigid, 
Simple to complex, 
Near to distant,
Separate to overlapping,
Optical to physical,
Clear to ambiguous,
Negative to positive,
Defined to obscure,
Sharp to diffused,
Varied to restricted,
Coarse to refined,
Complimentary colours to analogous colours,
Diverse to
Pure colours to desiderated colours,
Warm to cool,
Actual to implied,
Regular to irregular.

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