Thursday, 31 July 2014


 Date: Sunday 21st September

Time: 10am-3pm

Cost: £25 + £2 for materials

Tutor: Fiona Douglas 

Course Info:

Our aim is that by the end of the day you will feel comfortable

threading a sewing machine, sewing some of the basic stitches and will

go home with a beautiful bag you have made yourself!

We will cover:

Sewing Machine: How a sewing machine works, threading the machine

& winding the bobbin, adjusting the tension, stitch length/stitch width

Sewing: Straight lines/corners, curves, zigzag stitch, decorative


Making a shopping bag: Placing pattern pieces/straight grain, cutting

out pattern pieces, constructing the bag

For info, contact Fiona on 07710 242 933 or

To book, contact Pauline Stanley on 07729 829 209

More detailed info
Sewing Machine
  • How a sewing machine works
  • Threading the machine & winding the bobbin
  • Adjusting the tension
Start sewing!
  • Straight lines/Corners
  • Curves
  • Zigzag stitch
  • Stitch length/stitch width
  • Decorative stitches
Making a shopping bag
  • Placing pattern pieces/straight grain
  • Cutting out pattern pieces
  • Personalise!
  • Constructing the bag
If we have time:
  • Stretch stitches
  • The more basic sewing machine

Beginners Dressmaking Course Starting

Course Info:

Learn to make a simple dress or top using a paper pattern. 

We will cover measurements & sizes, choosing a pattern, choosing fabric, sewing darts, gathers & pleats, inserting a zip, setting in a sleeve, neatening seams & hems.

You do not need to have had much sewing experience, but you do need to be able to thread the machine and sew a (reasonably!) straight seam. 

Equipment and sewing machines are provided, but you will need to buy a pattern, fabric and zip. 

Date: Tuesday 9th September for eight weeks
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: £80

Tutor: Fiona Douglas

For info, contact Fiona on 07710 242 933 or

To book, contact Pauline Stanley on 07729 829 209

What you will learn
Our aim is that by the end of the course, you will have made a simple garment using a paper pattern, and will have learned a lot of other stuff along the way.
You do not need to have had much sewing experience, but you do need to be able to thread the machine and sew a (reasonably!) straight seam.

We will cover:

  • Patterns
  • Choosing the correct pattern size
  • Degrees of difficulty
  • Fabrics
  • Choosing the right fabric
  • What’s easy to sew and what isn’t
  • Cutting out
  • Laying out the pattern pieces
  • Grainlines
  • Marking darts, notches etc.
  • Construction
  • Sewing Darts
  • Gathering & Pleats
  • Inserting a zip
  • Setting in a sleeve
  • Neatening seams
  • Hand sewing
  • Tacking/basting
  • Hem Stitch/Hand finishing stitches
Everyone works at different paces, so some may be able to start on a second piece and some may need some extra time to finish. But it is not a race!

Choosing a Pattern
Dress patterns can be up to 2 sizes smaller than High St sizing, so please make sure that you put a tape measure around yourself and buy a pattern based on your bust measurement, not your dress size.
Here’s an approved list and we’d very much like you to choose one of these patterns as it will make your and our life much easier!

McCalls 2401 Burda 7659 Simplicity 3673 Butterick 5748
Simpl 3833 Burda 7798 Simpl 1586 NL 6885
If none of these work for you, then please choose only a VERY EASY pattern, avoid Stretch Knit patterns, ones with full linings (a bodice lining is OK), and anything with lots of seams/pieces.
I would advise against Vogue patterns for your first project – even the Very Easy Vogue ones are quite tricky.
The US sites are much better for browsing, make a note of the pattern number and buy it from Sew Direct or Simplicity. I have a subscription to Sew Direct and can get these patterns at discount, given enough notice.


I have 8 electronic sewing machines (Janome XL30) so you do not need to bring a machine, unless you prefer to use your own.
We have all the basic sewing equipment you will need.

Cotton is by far the best fabric for beginners. It is easy to cut and easy to sew. Natural woven fabrics aren’t too bad either. Please don’t get anything stretchy, anything very thin, very thick or very slippery.
A patterned fabric is more forgiving of slightly wonky stitching than a plain one! It’s also easier to distinguish the right side from the wrong side.

Any questions, please do just call or mail me on 07710 242 933 or

new courses coming up

Printmaking - Lino printing   30th Aug   10 - 1pm                       £15
Dorset Buttons                         30th Aug    2 - 4pm                       £10
Shibori/indigo dying     August 31st        10 – 4pm                      £40
Feltmaking – felt bags      6th Sept          10 – 4pm                      £35
Book Binding  learn to make 3 book forms 7th Sept 10 - 4.30   £35
Contemporary Textiles       11th Sept        7- 9pm 6 weeks        £60
Patchwork and Quilting    12th Sept       10 – 12.00 6 weeks    £60
Natural Plant Dyeing      20th Sept           10 - 4pm                      £40
Demystifying Drawing      25th Sept         1 – 3pm 6 weeks       £60
Printmaking – Collographs    27th Sept  10 - 1pm                       £15
Book Binding  Medieval Bookbinding  28th Sept   10- 4.30        £35
Made in Moordown  art & craft market   10– 4pm                    50p
Feltmaking felt hats      5th Oct              10 – 4pm                    £35
Printmaking  - Monoprints  25th Oct     10 – 1pm                      £15
Willow Basket making  - 26th October     10 – 4.30                     £45

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ceramic Studio

Tim Russell is planning to open a community ceramic studio in Sept/Oct at the same building  as Artisan Studio.

Tim is  just about to send off the Arts Council funding proposal but it would greatly strengthen the proposal if he receives expressions of interest/support from you all.

The ceramic studio will be well stocked with  kiln and wheel, a variety of clays and  glazes and with excellent tutors. It will be for disability groups and  will also open to the public on a membership scheme - similar to the way Poole Printmakers works and it will also be running lots of courses.

If you are interested please can you respond so we can add your name to our list of potential users?

Many thanks, Pauline

Friday, 25 July 2014

Aiming to set up Paypal for studio

Aiming to set up a paypal account, in the next week,  to make the booking process quicker and easier for all concerned.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Artisan Studio is now on Pinterest

Goodness - I am so organised at the moment - getting up at 6am every morning this week has made such a difference to how much time I have in the day to get jobs done!

So now we can be found on Pinterest too! Look out for Artisan Studio when you do your pinning!  I am addicted!

Next Made in Moordown art and craft market is 4th October

Have you got some art or craft you would like to sell?  Tables available at £20 for 10 - 4pm.

The Studio will be offering free art and craft workshops all day! 

Artisan studio is now on Twitter

Succumbed to Twitter! 
Now you can follow us there too.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Very generous donation to the studio from Pebeo!!

Just received a bit box of free art goodies for the clients at the studio donated by

BIG thanks to them!!
We look forward to playing with it!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Basket making course - date arranged

For all those  who have been waiting on this,  here it is....
Basket making
10.00 - 4.30 
Sunday 26th October
£40 plus £5 for materials - payable in full and in advance please.

There are a lot of people wanting to do this course so please  book   as soon as you can. 

Pauline xx

Monday, 14 July 2014

New timetable of workshops ....looking good!

Lensless photography          July 19th      10 – 4pm                     £40
Willow garden creatures    26th July       10 - 1pm                      £15
Feltmaking  - felt jewellery   9th Aug      10 – 4pm                     £35
Shibori/indigo dying     August 31st        10 – 4pm                      £40
Printmaking - Lino printing   30th Aug   10 - 1pm                       £15
Dorset Buttons       30th Aug                      2 - 4pm                       £10
Feltmaking – felt bags      6th Sept          10 – 4pm                      £35
Book Binding  learn to make 3 book forms 7th Sept 10 - 4.30   £35
Contemporary Textiles       12th Sept        7- 9pm 6 weeks            £60
Patchwork and Quilting    13th Sept       10 – 12.00 6 weeks        £60
Demystifying Drawing      18th Sept         1 – 3pm 6 weeks           £60
Natural Plant Dyeing      20th Sept           10 - 4pm                     £40
Printmaking – Collographs    27th Sept  10 - 1pm                      £15
Book Binding  Medieval Bookbinding  28th Sept   10- 4.30        £35
Made in Moordown  art & craft market   10– 4pm                    50p
Feltmaking - hats           5th Oct                 10 – 4pm                    £35
Printmaking  - Monoprints  25th Oct     10 – 1pm                      £15

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Waitrose support Artisan Studio!!

Artisan Community Art Studio  has just been nominated for the Waitrose Good Causes - you know the green token - £1000 gets divided between 3 good causes - the more tokens, the more we receive. Great news for the studio. Will put it towards a printing press. Will let you know when our week will be at Waitrose and perhaps you could all vote for us please?

Booking Process

Please note that in future we will require payment in full, in advance for all courses.

Many thanks.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Creative Strategies

Just found a really useful list of creative strategies to use for art making... thought I would share it.
Rough to smooth,
Smooth to textured,
Opaque to clear,
Straight to curved,
Dark to light,
Circular to elliptical,
Mono to colour,
Big to small,
Metal to glass,
Reflective to matt,
Single too many,
Segmented to whole,
Slim to fat,
Static to moving,
Welded to riveted,
Solid to hollow,
Soft to hard,
Etched to glazed,
Hammered to rolled,
Embossed to scratched,
Made to found objects,
One material to mixed materials,
Pressed to crumpled,
Layered to separated,
Polished to painted,
3D to 2D,

Turn upside down,
Thin to thick,
Sinking to floating,
Drawn to painted,
Wet to dry,
Cut to torn,
Heavy to light,
Stable to unstable,
High to low,
Strong to weak,
Pliable to rigid, 
Simple to complex, 
Near to distant,
Separate to overlapping,
Optical to physical,
Clear to ambiguous,
Negative to positive,
Defined to obscure,
Sharp to diffused,
Varied to restricted,
Coarse to refined,
Complimentary colours to analogous colours,
Diverse to
Pure colours to desiderated colours,
Warm to cool,
Actual to implied,
Regular to irregular.