Friday, 27 June 2014

Exhibition of Lens less photography courses at Artisan Studio- just finished at Bournemouth Library, The Triangle.

Turning the World Blue ~ and other chemical experiments.

This exhibition represents some of the work carried out by participants on  Lens-less Photography courses at the Artisan Studio in Moordown.  This is a largely experimental  course over six weeks.

The exhibition takes its name from the blue of Cyanotype; one of the earliest photosensitive emulsions, developed in 1842 by the astronomer Sir John Hirschel. The emulsion is made up of iron-based chemicals that turn blue on exposure to light.

The other chemical experiments are Chemigrams; a marriage of photography and painting. Black and white photographic paper is used along side normal photo processing chemicals; developer, fix, and stop bath.  Various household substances are sometimes used to act as a resist to the action of the chemicals.

The  French artist Pierre Cordier is largely credited with the development of this technique.

Lumen prints rely on the photosensitivity of photographic papers to produce images by contact with materials, through the action of sunlight or artificial light.
Unlike traditional photograms or rayograms that are exposed with an enlarger, lumen prints require long exposure times. Depending on available light this can extend from 30 minutes, a few hours, to weeks or months.

The principles behind pinhole photography have been understood for centuries and are similar to those of the Camera Lucida. Simple cameras have been made from an assortment of  cardboard boxes and tins.

In an age of increasing sophistication, and the mind-boggling resolution of digital sensors, the practices used in this exhibition represent a return to basics and the excitement of the experiments carried out by the early pioneers of photography. “They concern the dynamics of time and space, revealing the unseen, entering the labyrinth of the subconscious and making links with the meditative, symbolic and metaphysical realm.”

Further workshops are planned at Artisan Studio,  1005 Wimborne Rd, Moordown.
Contact :  Tim Russell  07966169221

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