Friday, 21 March 2014

Art for all – Drawing and more….

Starting Thursday 24th April from 10.00 - 12.00 

Suitable for people of any ability, Art for All was initially conceived for those people who “can’t draw” or “wish they could …..” or have done nothing artistic for years and now lack the confidence to try. With an underlying basis of drawing, sessions will include loosening up activities and often finish with a relaxing creative exercise incorporating colour.

This is a non-judgemental, non-competitive environment, where people can learn to enjoy creating and where the sole aim is to try things, not to produce masterpieces. That aside, participants will generally be surprised at their ability, particularly after they learn a few tips, and the whole session is intended to be light hearted and enjoyable, as social as you want (it is a great way to meet people) and a haven from the stresses of everyday life.

Over the weeks sessions will cover:

·         Ways of drawing where there is no compulsion to make a masterpiece

·         Tips and techniques to help you improve even stick man drawings

·         Playing with colour, just finding out what happens

·         New ways to be creative – using unfamiliar or unusual materials

·         Light and shade 
£10 a session and six sessions. Payable in advance please. Total £60

Cheques made payable to The Community Art Studio. Thank you!

Booking form downloadable from the web page. 

Trish is a visiting tutor at the Arts University College Bournemouth where she teaches Life Drawing. Over the years she has taught art to a variety of people with a range of experience, ages and abilities, including degree students and people with learning disabilities. From her experience teaching animators at the AUCB and BU, her independent classes have evolved to be energetic, supportive, innovative and social, with a lively mix of activities. Classes are suitable for people from absolute beginners, who will be gently led and encouraged, and see improvement in the very first session, right through to experienced artists.

Please make booking through Artisan studio but if you need to speak to Trish her mobile number is    0775 400 5873

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