Saturday, 7 December 2013

Dorset Button Making workshop

The Mayoress of Bournemouth Elaine Cooper joined us today at the Dorset Button Making Session. She donated lots of craft and textile items to us!
And now we have our sign up.

 and the studio looks much more like a studio

with some beautiful work from the printing course.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lens-less photography.

  Lens-less photography.
Cyanotype image courtesy of Tim Russell
Saturdays 2 -4 pm starting 11 January 2014.

Artisan Community Art Studio.

This short course in lens-less photography will explore the use of various light sensitive materials for the creation of images without the use of extensive chemical processing. We will start by exploring the use of photographic papers, and materials coated with light sensitive chemicals, sunlight and the simplest of materials. We will then move on to making our own pinhole cameras.

Possible schedule depending on specific interests.

Week 1.

Lumen prints. Using light sensitive photographic paper. Photograms and stencils.

Week 2.

Lumen prints. Using common household substances as resists to create what are known as chemigrams.

Week 3.

Introduction to Cyanotype. (Blue prints ~ one of the earliest light sensitive processes)

Week 4.

Making acetate and paper negatives for Cyanotype.

Week 5.

Introduction to pinhole cameras. Beer cans and long exposure solargraphs

Week 6.

Making Pinhole cameras from matchboxes, shoeboxes, tins etc.

Tim Russell is a Bournemouth based artist who works in a variety of media from photography and film, performance, and writing. He has been experimenting with alternative photographic processes for many years and is an experienced workshop leader. He studied Fine Art at the Arts University Bournemouth and his performance work has been shown internationally.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Dorset button making workshop

Learn to make Dorset buttons at Artisan Community Art Studio and discover the history of this 400 year old heritage craft. They make wonderful Xmas presents!

ON Saturday 7th December from 10.00 – 12.00

Dorset Buttons History
The Dorset button industry begin in early 1600’s

By Abraham Case from Shaftsbury

Started with the Dorset High top – used on men’s waistcoats

Then a Dorset Knob -  a flattened version of the High Top

A softer button made for children’s garments called the Birds Eye

A family called Singleton worked for Abraham Case  and a button called the Singleton was created

The last technique to appear (1700)  was the Crosswheel

Dorset buttons was a cottage industry

By the 1780s, around 4,000 women and children were employed making buttons.

 Examples can be seen in museums across Dorset

 The industry died out with the invention of button machines and button factories in the 1850’s

Dorset Button making has been revived in recent years by crafters

As well as traditional Dorset buttons crafters are now creating contemporary versions

Dorset buttons are handmade from fabric, embroidery floss or yarn, wrapped around a round -shaped base usually a brass curtain ring.

Artisan Community Art Studio

1005 Wimborne Rd




10 places available. All materials provided.
To book your place please phone 
Pauline on 07729 829 029  


We are open in our lovely new premises with a beautiful courtyard garden and are halfway through our Autumn timetable. 

The Home Educated children's art class is going really well as is the Adult Contemporary Printing.  Printing press arrives this week!

On a Wednesday afternoon we have a lovely group of adults  with a learning disability making some beautiful Xmas crafts.

The Flying Needles - drop in knit and stitch started this week and we welcome all the lovely creative ladies who came and we enjoyed some very large pieces of cake from the community cafe next door! £1.50 for tea and  home-made cake!

Just compiling timetable of art, craft and textile workshops for January
(take a look at the January Timetable Page) 
with 3 more wonderful Bournemouth artists joining the Artisan team
Leah Watts teaching textilesTrish Jubb teaching drawingand Hilary Guess teaching watercolours.
Welcome ladies and look forward to working with you! 
We would really like to host some professional practice events for artists in 2014 - what would you like?
Would people like life drawing sessions in Moordown?

Donations of art, craft and textiles items gratefully received. 

Other things happening in Jan 2014 at the centre at 1005 Wimborne Rd are Yoga, Tai Chi, African Drumming, Saturday morning family bread making classes.                                                   

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Workshops in Art, Sculpture, Printmaking, Feltmaking, Photography, Textile and Crafts for all ages and abilities

 We opened on Monday 4th November.

Please see our Timetable page for our exciting range of workshops.

We are fully accessible to people with a disability and have wheelchair accessible toilets.